Clare Elsaesser, Hidden

Volume 10

The West Marin Review features prose, poetry and art from West Marin and across the United States and beyond. This is its 10th volume, with pieces on nature and history, personal stories both funny and touching, poetry from poets young and not-so-young, a musical piece, and every kind of visual art illuminating its pages.

Carol Beebe
Carol Beebe, Daybreak and Tule Elk (detail)

Outside the window

the ocean is sparkling, for no reason

I’m calling you, for no reason

to tell you this

– Hathaway Barry, “Sparkles”
Kim Ford Kitz, Ink Wells

Dana DeKalb, Lotus Eater


Many talented individuals are featured in the West Marin Review.

    • Dana DeKalb   Lotus Eater
    • Clare Elsaesser   Hidden
    • Howard Norman   Journal Entries from Japan
    • Claire Peaslee   Living Tides
    • Gerald Fleming   The Collagist
    • Brian Kirven   The Origin of Cursive
    • Hal Ober   Time Foolish
    • Marlene Buono   Tribute to a Poet
    • James Misner   Where I’m Leaving From
    • Laura Atkins   Whiteness and the Establishment of California
    • Mark Dowie   The Hidden and the Sought
    • Paul Strohm   Stockyards
    • Molly Katzman   Just Like That
    • Susan Trott   Boy Conductor
    • Antonia Albany   Dancer in Red
    • Daniel Licht   Honey, It’s August
    • Hathaway Barry   Sparkles
    • Zoë Rocco-Zilber   If Point Reyes Was a Person
    • Amalia Campe   The Earth the Wind and the Sea
    • Jerome Gagnon   Temple Snow
    • Deborah Buchanan   Down to the Swale
    • Wayne Hill   The mouthbone
    • Gail Entrekin   My Life with You
    • Eleanor Channell   Early Hour
    • Carolyn Wilsey   Things That Surprise
    • Michael Sykes   One Hand Clapping
    • John Parman   Close Observation
    • Dean Rader   Meditation on Revolution
    • Dan Bellm   After Du Fu: Spring Vista
    • Judy Brackett   The World of the News
    • Emily Teitsworth   Seeds
    • Charlene Logan Burnett   Goat Children
    • Laura Booth   Citrus
    • Rachel Richardson   O
    • LeeAnn Pickrell   A comma
    • Patricia Silva   A Traveler’s SongTranslated by Carl Nagin
    • Adele Maze   Summer Song
    • Karen Benke   Hide & Seek Memory and Tanka
  • ART
    • Dana DeKalb   Lotus Eater
    • Chris Adessa   I’m Tired of the Same Old Grub
    • Wendy Schwartz   Ridge Trail
    • Jenny Long   Meadow Face and Walkers
    • Tito Patri  Lost Coast Cabin
    • Thomas Heinser   West Marin Works
    • Elaine Coombs   Golden Woodlands
    • Willow Banks   Sea Ice
    • Ann Holsberry   Confluence
    • David Hibbard   Winter Surf, Point Reyes Beach and Tidal Landscape, Drakes Beach
    • Janet Jacobs   Open Air I
    • Amanda Quiroz   Dust Collection
    • Glenn Carter   Letters for Denise
    • Joyce Kouffman   Music Manuscript
    • Richard Kirschman   Eternal
    • Anne Faught   Shipping Lines and Constellations over Skopelos
    • Tanna Bellia   Birdgirl
    • Carol Beebe   Daybreak and Tule Elk
    • Bob Kubik   Coyote
    • Mimi Robinson   High Tide and Grass Rhythms
    • Sandy White   Boulder Blueberry Hill
    • Matt Witt   Point Reyes Bobcat
    • Cy Twombly   Untitled
    • Vi©kisa   Water
    • Shirley Salzman   The Annual Reunion of the One True God
    • Johanna Baruch   Panta Rhei and Entheos
    • Gerald Leonard   Seriously?
    • Kim Ford Kitz   Half Moon Bounty and Ink Wells
    • D. L. Woerner   Poison Hemlock
    • Victoria Chaban   Pink-Throated Twinspot and Great-Crested Grebe
    • Michel Venghiattis   Inverness Ridge at Sunset #1
    • Maritta Tapanainen   Tether and Haussmann III
    • Lorraine Almeida   Moon Over Foggy Point Reyes
    • Toni Littlejohn   Terra Firma
    • Theodora Varnay   Jones Indistinction #6
    • Mark Ropers   An Evening in Spring, Inverness
    • Vi Strain   Himalayan Blackberry Bramble
    • Jacqueline Mallegni   Currents
    • Naomi Zaro   Dirty Dishes
    • Richard Anthony Russo   The Wave
    • Clare Elsaesser   Hidden