Marnie Spencer, Gullible’s Travels (detail)

Volume 4

From Volume 4 bursts illuminating art, essays, memoir, a classic Jamaican folksong newly arranged by Bart Hopkin, poetry from the whimsical to the wistful, and a new take on a well-known folktale. You’ll also find journalist George Clyde’s dramatic investigation of a thirty-five-year-old mystery, artwork from Point Reyes artists Susan Hall and Jon Langdon, and a haunting new poem by Robert Hass.

Pt. Reyes & GGNRA Amendments (detail)

How Rep. Phillip Burton and a Magic Marker Hijacked Tomales Bay into the Golden Gate National Recreation Area

George Clyde

Tomales Bay is approximately ten miles long and averages a mile in width, sitting directly atop the San Andreas Fault. One of the most pristine estuaries in the world, the bay is home to the famous Hog Island Oyster Company, which grows shellfish in its waters.

I found myself

suddenly voluminous,


a many-roofed building in moonlight.

– Jane Hirshfield, “Many-Roofed Building in Moonlight” (excerpt)
Russell Chatham, Looking Toward the Absarokas (detail)

Marnie Spencer, Gullible’s Travels


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    • Marnie Spencer   Gullible’s Travels
    • Alvin Duskin   Uncle Dave
    • Joan Thornton   Gretel
    • Francesca Preston   Creating an Apian Society
    • Michael Parmeley   Jake’s Memorial
    • Jody Farrell   Cutting the Boys’ Hair
    • Frances Lefkowitz   Something Severe
    • Susan Trott   About Bunin
    • F. J. Seidner   Collecting
    • George Clyde   How Rep. Phillip Burton and a Magic Marker Hijacked Tomales Bay
    • Mark Dowie   Kitchen Tables
    • Carola DeRooy   The Language of Baskets
    • William Masters   Etiquette
    • Robert Hass   Planh or Dirge for Those Who Die in Their Thirties
    • Joan Thornton   A Taste for Action
    • Glen Stephens   You and I and Two Bottles of Beer
    • Nancy Binzen   I Know Three Things
    • Gina Cloud   covenant
    • Emily Cardwell   Sponge
    • Lisandro Gutierrez   Plants and the Water
    • Monte Merrick   untitled, loss and what comes next
    • Helen Wickes   The Year My Nouns Left Town
    • Calvin Ahlgren   Refurbishment: Rain on the Way
    • Gary Thorp   Flight Plan
    • Claudia Chapline   Selection from One Stroke One Breath
    • Jacoba Charles   Inverness Summer
    • Margaret Chula   Dystopia
    • Donald Bacon   Quail Fog
    • Jane Hirshfield   Many-Roofed Building in Moonlight
    • A. Van Gorden   Fact
    • Carolyn Means   Red Glow: Wood-Fired Tea Bowl
    • Susan Hall   Old Cypress
    • Kaya Gately   Hummingbird
    • Cynthia Pantoja   Serenity
    • Thomas D. Joseph   Bodega Bay, Autumn
    • Patricia Thomas   She Lived in Two Worlds; She Lived in Two Worlds (Negative)
    • Kathleen Rose Smith   Sun Woman Triptych
    • Jon Langdon   Night Rose
    • Susan Preston   Lou’s and Francesca’s First Hive
    • Amanda Tomlin   Memorial (Our Lady of the Harbor by David Best)
    • Jonathan Aguilar   I Try
    • Hector Martinez   #1 Pride
    • Olivia Fisher-Smith   Submerged
    • Leslie K. Allen   Limantour Estero, Pt. Reyes, No. 2 (Dune Grass)
    • Candace Loheed   Birds of a Feather
    • Claudia Chapline   Four Calligraphic Images
    • Mardi Wood   Maremma Bull
    • Pam Fabry   The Shape of Things
    • Salihah Moore Kirby   spirits on the afternoon ship awake from an important nap-dream
    • Marnie Spencer   Gullible’s Travels
    • Jan Langdon   Red, White and Black
    • Shirley Salzman   Looking North from Millerton
    • Christa Burgoyne   Pt. Reyes Barn #1/#2 and Raven, Body Feather
    • Eileen Puppo   In the Valley
    • Russell Chatham   Looking Toward the Absarokas
    • Sabine (Bree) Terrell   The Birds’ Song
    • Austin Granger   Tomales Bay
    • Artist Unknown   Coast Miwok Basket
    • Toni Littlejohn   The Lioness
    • Francesca Preston   Irises and Paper
    • Rutilio Plasencia   Arbol de la obscuridad
    • Igor Sazevich   Olema
    • Mary Curtis Ratcliff   Waterweb
    • Christine DeCamp   Spring Fog
    • Tomales High School Art Students   West Marin Review Posters
    • Bart Hopkin   Call Dynah