Olivia Fisher-Smith, 3rd grade, Saltmarsh/Estuary (detail)

The Watershed Project

The Wilds of Wetlands

Artists in the Schools Program Point Reyes Station

In the 2006–2007 school year, The Artists in the Schools Program collaborated with the second through fifth grades at West Marin School and the combined third and fourth grades at Bolinas-Stinson School to create an exhibition at Toby’s Art Gallery in Point Reyes focusing on the Wetlands.

The West Marin schoolchildren followed the flow of water as it traversed the watershed from the tiny creeks originating high up in the hills of Samuel P. Taylor Park, to Lagunitas Creek, to the freshwater Olema Marsh, to a saltwater marsh in Tomales Bay and then out to sea. They also experienced the fresh and brackish waters at Abbott’s Lagoon.

The Bolinas-Stinson students explored the marsh at the edge of the Bolinas Lagoon. Their installation focused on the animal and plant life of these wetlands in art and writing.

Diego Luis Contreras, 3rd grade, Abbott’s Lagoon

Chick, (artist unknown)

Chelsea Buteux, 7th grade, Common Yellowthroat

Marsh Wren Perched Near a Red-Winged Blackbird Nest, (artist unknown)

Rufous-Sided Towhee, (artist unknown)

Thomas Heinser, Jersey Heifer


Many talented individuals are featured in the West Marin Review. Please click below for this volume’s contributors.

  • Cover
    • Thomas Heinser   Jersey Heifer
  • Prose
    • David Miller   Wallace Stegner, West Marin, and the Geography of Hope
    • Claire Peaslee   Plunge
    • Jules Evens   Lightness of Being
    • Michael Parmeley   Tea Time
    • Nancy Kelly   Seasons
    • Dewey Livingston   M.B.Boissevain, Farm Advisor, 1924–1933
    • Mark Dowie   The Fiction of Wilderness
    • Jody Farrell   Picnic in the Park
    • Doris Ober   Owl Out of Heaven
    • Sage Van Wing   Brothers At Arms
    • Steve Heilig   Secret Vacation
    • Tucker Malarkey   Eating the Environment
    • Elisabeth Ptak   Bishop Pine
  • Poetry
    • Larry Hampton   Untitled (A salmon hears)
    • Robert Hass   September, Inverness
    • Barbara Swift Brauer   Changing Forecast
    • John Korty   The Rules of Composition
    • Nancy Bertelsen   Graffiti Bridge
    • Devi Weisenberg   Elders at Shell Beach
    • Samonti Smith   Advertisement
    • Talyha Romo   Untitled (I am from the trophies)
    • Natalie Goldberg   For M.H.; Poem
    • Agnes Wolohan Smuda von Burkleo    Blackberry Pie II
  • Art + Artifact
    • Jack Welpott   North Coast
    • Steve Pring   Swimming in Tomales Bay
    • Cheryl Higgins   Redwing
    • Todd Pickering   Limantour Beach Sand
    • Nancy Stein   Wave #8
    • Susan Hall   Bay Fishing
    • Marna Clarke   Madrone #29
    • Silas Blunk   Untitled Works
    • Dan McCormick   Restorative Art on Olema Creek
    • Wendy Schwartz   Wood Shop, Route One
    • Marty Knapp   Blue Oak Group; Hillside Oaks
    • Igor Sasevitch   Adios Point Reyes Station
    • Andrew Romanoff   Diving Bird
    • Artists in the Schools Program   The Watershed Project
    • Patrick Gavin Duffy   Steep Ravine Cabin #4
    • Jack Wellpot   Requiem for Wendy
    • Inez Storer   Highway 101, L.A. Postcard
    • Leslie Goldberg   Caution
  • Music
    • Joyce Kouffman   Winter Reverie