Dinner Down the Road

Julia Bartlett

I was comfortable,
I was comforted.
I felt Midwestern
feeding on
salad with plenty of avocado
and oh, the dressing.
I was eating out of a summer night,
talking away,
and dogs playing
as a watermelon sunset
slid into the Pacific.

I wonder
how it would be
if I just dropped by your house
every night
about this time….

Tom Killion, Bolinas Ridge Sunset


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  • Cover
    • Tom Killion   Bolinas Ridge Sunset
  • Prose
    • Catherine David   Amateurs Are First-Rate Lovers
    • Reynold Junker   Yesterday, Perhaps
    • Jessica O’Dwyer   Meeting Ana
    • Agustina Martinez   Life in Mexico
    • Jan Harper Haines   Hootlani!
    • Agnes Wolohan Smuda von Burkleo   Fall
    • Vivian Olds   Marin Memoirs
    • Elia Haworth   Farming and Ranching in Bolinas 1834 to 2010
    • Jonathan Rowe   Fellow Conservatives
    • Steve Heilig   Tom Killion on Mount Tam
    • Daniel Potts   Scattered Threads
    • Flor Jimenez   Broken Blood
    • Jazmine Collazo   Good-bye, Hello
    • Cynthia A. Cady   The Miles Pilot
    • Jody Farrell   The Cat Lover
    • Dave Mitchell   Tall Tales of Intelligent Animals
    • Terry Nordbye   If Two-by-Fours Could Talk
  • Poetry
    • Jodie Appell   Advice for the Marin Lovelorn
    • Prartho Sereno   The Dancing Cure
    • Julia Bartlett   Dinner Down the Road
    • Gillian Wegener   After Dry Lightning
    • Juan Avalos   Dear Mud
    • Albert Flynn DeSilver   Hope
    • Lynne Knight   Apology, with Hawks Veering
    • Randall Potts   A Natural History
    • Hal Ober   Camellia and Chameleon
    • Roy Mash   I Was Getting Ready To Tie My Tie When
    • Nellie Hill   Winter Horse
  • Art + Artifact
    • Patti Trimble   Endangered Mission Blue
    • Nell Melcher   Dark Trees
    • Ryan Giammona   Quail
    • Andrzej Michael Karwacki   Art Natura 03 and Little Voices of Flowers
    • Amanda Tomlin   Nicasio Reservoir Thistles and First Rain, White House Pool
    • Kurt Lai   Path
    • Jessica Baldwin   Spring Lamb
    • Willow Dawson   Hummingbird
    • Sha Sha Higby   In Folds of Tea/Dance in Sculptural Costume
    • Marnie Spencer   Wish You Were Here
    • Terrence Murphy   Summer and Fence Mender
    • Christa Burgoyne   Fuller’s Teasel
    • Wendy Goldberg   Meadow: West Marin
    • Dewey Livingston   West Marin Portraiture: Photography by Seth Wood, 1940s to 1950s
    • Tom Killion   Bolinas Ridge Sunset and Mount Tamalpais from Big Rock Ridge
    • Richard Lindenberg   Inverness Marsh West
    • Lorna Stevens   Herd
    • Kevin Alvarado   Untitled
    • Jacqueline Mallegni   Sky Barge
    • Christin Coy   January Afternoon—Bolinas Lagoon
    • Kyla Pasternak   Jenna
    • Mary Siedman   Lively Peony and Bolinas Lagoon
    • Zea Morvitz   Four Prepared Books
    • Vi©kisa   A Dog’s Life
    • Jon Langdon   My Matilijas
    • Mark Ropers   Shades of Red
    • Sevilla Granger   Marin West; Marin East and Santa Barbara 101
    • Mardi Wood   Horse