Living with a Ghost

Burt Bacharach, Autograph Musical Manuscript
Lyrics by Steven Sater

From the musical, Some Lovers

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Jasmine Bravo, Sister’s Keychain


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  • Cover
    • Jasmine Bravo   Sister’s Keychain
  • Prose
    • Peter Coyote   Fathers
    • Susan Trott   Plain Jain
    • Judy Brackett   Chicken Crossings
    • Lynn Hoggatt   Madame Alvida Turns a Card
    • Florence Caplow   Elders
    • Frances Lefkowitz   Flash Fiction in Two Parts
    • Tim Foley   Machinery, Waiting
    • Ellen Shehadeh   Shortcake for Breakfast
    • Chris Reding   The Summer Palace Vase
    • Muriel Murch   Morning Rounds
    • Joan Thornton   Maxine
    • Claire Peaslee   The Sand Swimmer
    • Carla Steinberg   Snapshots
    • G. David Miller   Conversations with a Righteous Man
  • Poetry
    • Gina Cloud   January
    • Laura Juliet Wood   Composting
    • Ryan Connolly   Marsh Hawk
    • Olivia Fisher-Smith   My Wings
    • Howard Norman   Novel Made of Haiku
    • Margaret Stawowy   Vagrant
    • Carolyn Losee   First Miwok Poem
    • Meredith Sabini   Fallen from Grace
    • Judith Shaw   Poem
    • Dean Rader   Notes on Inequality
    • Helen Wickes   Day After Easter
    • Linda Pastan   Peace Process
    • Eileen Puppo   El Patrón
    • Bob Kubik   Point Reyes Station
    • Zea Morvitz   Crossed Trunks and Inverness Drawing #4
    • T. C. Moore   …in a smooth and flowing manner #5 and #4
    • Terry Murphy   Farrier
    • Celt Carr   Self-Reflective Portrait
    • Channon Miles   Self-Reflective Portrait
    • Blaize Adler-Ivanbrook   Self-Reflective Portrait
    • Jennifer Gutierrez   Self-Reflective Portrait
    • Grady Salas Hecht   Invisible World
    • Clare Elsaesser   Flower Child
    • Emmeline Craig   Laundry in the wind with green hills
    • Burt Bacharach, Steven Sater   Living with a Ghost
    • Anna Dal Pino   Investigation of a Raven Investigating Me
    • Kerry Livingston   Blackbirds over the Wetlands and Singing by Firelight
    • Claudia Stevens   Traditional Botanical Paintings
    • Britta Kathmeyer   Gossip
    • Sarah Myers   Polka Dot Pathogen
    • Claudia Chapline   New American Garden Book
    • Barbara Vos   Spring Fed
    • Ryan Dunbar   Simple Complexity
    • Carolyn Krieg   Red Deer
    • Timothy W. Graveson   Farm Book
    • Susan Putnam   Untitled #216
    • Randall Gray Fleming   Winter 1
    • Elizabeth Hansen   Green River
    • Debbie Patrick   Are We There Yet?
    • Rebecca Young Winslow   Butterfly Collage
    • Celeste Woo   Nudibranchs
    • Chelsea Buteux   Breach in the Pacific and Oncorhynchus kisutch (Coho)
    • Mary Siedman   Arroyo Hondo
    • Wendy Schwartz   Conversation
    • Mark Ropers   Limantour Scoters