From Dylan and the Whales

María Baranda

Translated by Forrest Gander


Never have I touched the sea or its insubstantial skin

which embroiders the sacred.

Never have I touched the dreamy sand of the beach

where birds keep guard over their own thinness.

Not once have I listened to the stealthy

crowd of waves, 

nor to the painful wallop coming from behind the mountain.

But I’ve dreamed, ah, Dylan Thomas, I’ve dreamed

of the salt of apparitions

and time’s fruitful fall into my hands.

I’ve swallowed ocean water all alone screaming

through my eyes and my split ends and my wrinkled body

and my vanquished hair that ignites

the foam in my throat. 

Because I’ve been the antihero

who travels through silence kept by that sea, the word.

The one specifying the scent of algae

on the table of sacrifices.

Here too we nourish the idiom of the clown and the afflicted.

Here the picklock for the skin of Virgilians,

the nettle’s piercing silence.

Here the wind’s detritus and the countenance of some tracks

circling back into a fable. 

Here wild green is the color of prophets

who devise frayed Aeneids

charged with the rage of those who adored travelers.

Here is everything in its distinctness… 

We’ve lost so many phoenixes that the eagle’s cry

becomes a daily prayer and the blackbird

with its cackling dark voice

kneels in the night 

on the blanket of the damned. 

You’ve come this far, Dylan Thomas, just to see the dream

that dreams you howling into tomorrow:

it’s a dream of a tiger in the summer of your blood. 

A tiger with candle eyes and a water face.

A rain-in-your-throat tiger that loathes the valleys

of the imagination, the agonizing badlands

of burning memory. 

A tiger of lime and obsidian, its stripes in the shadow

of a tomb. The tomb that awaits you, 

the hard white tomb with its white certainty and its worms

in the briefness of that vertigo now gnawing at your fables.

Your horror fables so like the tears of archangels

that irrigate rivers and forests, their borders invaded

by red puddles of hollow words.

Words that sting men, that singe loneliness

in the saltpeter, that spike the insubstantial saliva

of those who don’t even know

the language of the rose and the orchid.

Stainless steel words

in which the peasant’s thirst flickers out

and the children’s hunger goes mute beneath their tears.

Lia Cook, Binary Traces Young Girl


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